About Vokslyte

Despite its European sounding name, VoksLyte is based entirely in the US.  All of our products are custom manufactured in our Gaithersburg, MD factory.

VoksLyte is the natural evolution of a company that specialized in an older, established lighting technology and successfully transitioned to a newer one.  We began 36 years ago as Cathode Lighting Systems Inc., and over the years have furnished many hundreds of thousands of feet of long-life, shadowless custom-curved cove lighting.  However, no lighting source has an infinite lifespan or a guarantee against obsolescence, and as LEDs quickly became the predominant lighting source, cold cathode entered its legacy phase.

We created VoksLyte to signify our shift into the solid-state lighting arena.  We still do what we have always done better than anyone: custom manufacturing curvilinear lighting to whatever shape or configuration desired.  The significant difference is that we now work with aluminum and LEDs instead of tubular glass lamps.  It takes a lot of expertise and attention to detail to make each custom project turn out beautifully, but it is what we do best.

We like to describe VoksLyte Tangent™ as a very simple product that can do very complicated things.  Allow us to make something unique for your next project.