About Vokslyte

Our Story

At VoksLyte™ we have always been fascinated with the beauty of curved forms.  Tangent™ customizable lighting contours take this fascination one step further.  We factory-curve the extruded aluminum profile to almost any elegant radius…or any straight or bent shape and illuminate the contour from within with the highest quality tightly-binned LEDs.  These beautiful custom luminaires are available in pendant and wall mounted Tangent™ UpDown, and surface, recessed or pendant mounted Tangent™ Down.  The 2-inch wide luminaires are sectionalized and join perfectly to form any seamless circular, curved, elliptical, racetrack, intersecting, free-form, serpentine, rectilinear or curvilinear architectural illumination…like drawing with light and metal.   Multiple driver options are available, as well as RGBW, RGBA and tunable white.  Powder coat finishes are almost infinite, as we will paint your custom luminaire in almost any commercially available color.    VoksLyte…merging the art of metal and the science of light.

Made in the USA.  UL listed for US and cUL listed for Canada.