Our Story

Utilizing the latest solid-state technology and artisanal metal crafting, VoksLyte to produces the highest quality most thoughtfully designed nontraditional fixtures available. Functionality, attention to detail, precision fit and finish, performance, contractor friendliness and the ability to customize are the hallmarks of this brand.

Our product line includes custom and modular non-traditional lighting for commercial, hospitality, retail and residential applications. Our company mission is not to mass-produce commodity product, but rather use our thirty years of domestic manufacturing experience and innovation to realize this vision.

Our History

VoksLyte is an evolution of the parent company, Cathode Lighting Systems.

For more than three decades Cathode Lighting Systems has provided custom curved cold cathode illumination for complex architectural applications worldwide.  Transitioning into solid state LED technology required starting with a clean slate and a new brand: VoksLyte.

What we have always done with custom-curved long-life fluorescent (shapes, curvatures and lengths of unlimited imagination) we now do with metal and high-quality LEDs.



VoksLyte | 8020 Queenair Drive | Gaithersburg, MD 20879 | USA | Direct 301-921-4120

Cathode Lighting Systems

Cathode Lighting Systems

Be sure to visit our sister brand – Cathode Lighting Systems for the highest quality cold cathode lamps and luminaires in the world.