Tangent™ UpDown

Custom Contoured UpLight / Downlight Channel System

Made in the USA, UL listed for US and cUL listed for Canada.


Spec Sheet

Tangent UpDown Catalog Sheet

Tangent® IES photometric data are based on a 16-inch long segment. These segments may be manipulated to approximate almost any shape or curvature required.  Standard output and high output are the two options for static whites. Use the single segments for Tangent® Down, and configure the segments back to back for Tangent UpDown®.

Lumen Output

  • 27K – Incandescent – 2700ºK
  • 30K – Warm white – 3000ºK
  • 35K – Soft white – 3500ºK
  • 40K – Cool white – 4200ºK


The TANGENT system is composed of segments which seamlessly join together. A multi-section luminaire has no maximum length.

However, the maximum length of each section is: 84 inches.

Minimum arc length or straight length: 16 inches

Minimum radius: 18 inches


  • Custom Mounting

IES Files